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Types of Exhaust Resonators

Updated: Jan 9

Exhaust resonators are small devices that are used in a vehicle's exhaust system to fine-tune the exhaust tone. They are usually paired with various types of mufflers to improve the sound quality of an exhaust system.

They work by eliminating or reducing certain frequencies that contribute to exhaust drone, which is a low-frequency humming or buzzing noise that is often caused by the resonant frequency of the exhaust system.

  • By using a combination of materials and design elements to absorb or deflect specific sound frequencies, resonators help to produce a more pleasing exhaust tone.

  • Properly tuned exhaust tones improve the sound quality of a vehicle.

  • By reducing exhaust drone, resonators can help to reduce stress on the vehicle by reducing vibration. Reducing drone also improves comfort inside the vehicle.

There are several different types of exhaust resonators available, each with their own unique characteristics and performance benefits.

In this article, we will explore the various types of resonators and discuss the pros and cons of each to help you choose the best resonator for your specific vehicle and needs.


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