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What Is a Straight Pipe Exhaust (Pros & Cons)

Updated: Jan 9

A straight pipe is an exhaust system which has no restrictive components or parts, this is usually done by removing parts like the catalytic converter, mufflers, and particulate filters.

In this article, we discuss the straight pipe exhaust, advantages and disadvantages, as well as if it's legal or not.


Table of Contents:

an exhaust system of a car from underneath

What Is a Straight Pipe Exhaust?

A straight pipe is a term for an exhaust system without any components interrupting the flow of exhaust gas, this includes emissions control and sound reducing components. This is why it has the name "straight pipe", exhaust gases go straight out.

Straight pipe exhausts typically remove the components listed below, some vehicles will have some or all these components as standard.

  • Catalytic converters

  • Particulate filters (GPF, DPF, etc)