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P0000 Fault Code (What It Means on a Subaru)

Updated: Jan 8

If you have a Subaru you may have noticed the check engine light come on, if you scan the ECU with an OBD reader you may have come across the P0000 fault code. You may also notice the cruise control disable and the cruise light illuminates

Generally speaking, a P0000 code means there is no fault or the OBD reader cannot read the fault code and is putting the P0000 code in place of the actual fault code.

To fix this you need to use an OBD scanner compatible with Subarus to correctly read the diagnostic code. However, sometimes the P0000 code still shows up, even after using another OBD scanner.


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Potential Causes of a P0000 Code on Subarus

There are a few potential causes of this fault code on Subaru vehicles.

Contact With Cruise Switch During Vehicle Startup

According to the owner's handbook, accidental contact with the cruise switch during vehicle startup may be to blame for the CEL and flashing cruise light. However, this is not always the cause of a P0000 code.

Incompatible OBD Scanner

A P0000 DTC is typically caused by an incompatible OBD reader (such as a universal or multipurpose scanner). You will need a specialised or professional OBD scanner to correctly read fault codes on your Subaru.

Fuel Cap Loose

Modern Subarus may trigger the check engine light if the fuel cap is open or loose. This could cause the P0000 fault code to be triggered if the OBD scanner is a multipurpose non-compatible scanner.

Although this is not always the cause, its worth ensuring the fuel cap is properly secured. When you refuel your Subaru, make sure that you properly slide the gas cap on perfectly, push it in slightly and turn away.

How to Fix a Subaru P0000 Code

There may be a few ways to fix this code on a Subaru, including the following.

  • Avoid contact with the cruise control switch during startup

  • Use a compatible OBD scanner

  • Ensure you properly tighten the fuel filler cap


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