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What Is Nardo Grey (with Photos)

Nardo grey, also spelt nardo gray, is an extremely popular and beautiful colour often used on Audis.

Colour Code: LY7C

nardo grey Audi RS7

Audi released the RS7 in 2013, it was a sleek new model that combined the body of the A7 with a twin turbo V8. It came in a variety of colours.

Daytona grey and nardo grey were two new grey colours.

The nardo grey colour grew incredibly popular during the following 10 years. People were drawn to its confident but dignified manner.

This hue is incorrectly referred to as "flat grey" by some. The term "flat" is widely used to describe any non-metallic vehicle paint. In reality, the term "flat" refers to a certain kind of clear coat or protective layer of the paint work.