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Why Is Grey Smoke Coming From the Exhaust? (Explained)

Updated: Jan 9

When you see grey smoke coming from your car's exhaust, it's usually a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle.

Grey smoke from the exhaust is usually caused by unburnt fuel or oil that is entering the exhaust system. It's commonly caused by worn engine parts, faulty fuel injectors, particulate filter, catalytic converter, or even a leaky head gasket.

In this article, we'll discuss some of the common causes of grey smoke from the exhaust and what you can do to fix the problem.


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grey smoke coming from a car exhaust tip

Causes of Grey Smoke From the Exhaust

There are several reasons why grey smoke might be coming from your car's exhaust. Some of the most common causes include the following.

  • Worn or damaged engine parts: If your engine is in poor condition, it may not be burning fuel efficiently. This can cause excess fuel to enter the exhaust system and create grey smoke.

  • Leaky head gasket: A head gasket seals the cylinder head to the engine block. If it fails, it can allow engine oil or coolant to enter the combustion chamber and create grey smoke.