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Ford Transit Battery Location (With Photos)

Updated: Feb 1

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The Ford Transit is a popular commercial van that has been in production since 1965. It is known for its durability and reliability, but like any vehicle, it requires regular maintenance.

One important aspect of maintaining your Ford Transit is keeping the battery in good condition and knowing where the battery is located and how to jump-start it is crucial.

The battery location on a Ford Transit can be a bit tricky to find, as it is not located under the hood / bonnet like in many other vehicles and is instead found under the drivers seat due to safety reasons.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on where the Ford Transit battery is located, how to find and replace it, what size and voltage you need, and how to jump-start the Ford Transit if necessary.

Table of Contents:

Ford Transit battery location

Where Is the Ford Transit Battery Located?

Unlike most vehicles where the engines battery is found under the hood, the battery for the Ford Transit is located in a spot underneath the driver's seat. This can be a bit difficult to access, as the seat and flooring need to be removed to get to it.

However, once you know where to look, it is not a difficult task to find the Ford Transit van battery.

Ford Transit battery located under drivers seat

How to Find the Ford Transit Battery

Follow the steps below to find the location of the Ford Transit battery.

  1. Because the battery is located under the drivers seat, you must first completely recline the driver's seat. Find the two plastic screw covers that are on each side of the front of the seat's foundation. These coverings may be removed by pressing them inward with your hands. A rail stop bolt will become visible as a result.

  2. Unbolt the screws with a T-40 torque bit.

  3. Fully raise the armrest of the seat.

  4. You may now fully advance the seat after removing the bolt stops.

  5. Now the battery box is visible. On the side that is facing you, find two plastic tabs, and pull up. The cover will be removed as a result.

  6. You can see the back battery cover below. The lid is taken off and placed aside after two topside bolts are loosened. The next thing you'll see is two electrical cables that are joined. The metal bar that spans the top of the casing must first be unfastened before being removed.

  7. You must now take off the battery cover. Remove this panel by hand. The negative battery wire is then made visible.

  8. Once this panel is gone, unfasten the pole clamp bolts and take the cable away from the battery.

  9. The front tab on the side with the negative battery wire should now be free to be unclipped.

  10. You can then move the cover all the way forward.

  11. Now the complete battery will be shown.

This is usually the same across all models of Ford vans such as the Transit Custom and Transit Connect.

How to Replace the Ford Transit Battery

Replacing the battery in a Ford Transit is a relatively simple task. Start by following the steps listed above to locate the vans battery. Once you have found it, remove the negative cable first, then the positive cable.

The old battery can then be removed from the compartment and the new battery can be installed. Make sure to securely connect the positive cable first, then the negative cable.

What Size Battery Do I Need for a Ford Transit?

The H6 battery, also known as a group 48 battery, is required for the Ford Transit van. This rectangular-shaped battery has dimensions of 11 inches long, 7.5 inches high, and about 7 inches broad. It is about 54 lbs (24.5 kg) in weight.