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Does a Car Radiator Need Water? (Explained)

Updated: Feb 2

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A car radiator is a crucial component of a vehicle's cooling system, responsible for regulating the temperature of the engine. Without a working radiator, the engine can quickly overheat, leading to serious damage.

So, the question remains; does a car radiator need water?

Yes, a car radiator needs water and antifreeze (coolant) in order to work. You are best using an already mixed coolant which is of the same type of coolant your car uses.

Antifreeze (usually ethylene glycol) is a liquid that is mixed with water in order to lower its freezing point and raise its boiling point. This prevents it from freezing in cold weather and helps prevent the water from boiling.

In this article, we will discuss if a car radiator needs water and what happens if there's no water. We also cover how to add water to a radiator and how often it needs it.

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coolant being poured into a cars cooling system