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Chrysler 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Engine (Design, Reliability & Issues)

Updated: Feb 4

✔ This article has been fact checked.

The Chrysler 3.0 EcoDiesel is a 3 litre V6 diesel engine made in Cento, Italy, by VM Motori (an FCA subsidiary) which produces 240-260 hp and 570-650 nm of torque.

When Fiat and Chrysler started using the engine in their European vehicles in 2011, it made its debut codenamed as A630 DOHC.

For the Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee in North America, the L630 DOHC variant, dubbed the EcoDiesel by Chrysler, launched in 2014.

The VM Motori L630 engine was featured on Ward's 10 best engines list 2014-2016.

This engine has high power and torque and excellent fuel efficiency. The range of available Jeep and Ram products has increased. The 3.0 EcoDiesel has a smooth, clean, and quiet operation.

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