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Is Your Car Stuck in Mud? Here’s What to Do (Step-By-Step)

Updated: Jan 9

Roads, fields, and temporary car parks may become marshes in rainy weather. Driving on them might get you stuck in the mud. Scroll down to see what to do if you get stuck in the mud and how to drive in muddy conditions.


Table of Contents:

car stuck in mud

How to Free Your Car From Mud

  • Allow your tyres some wiggle room by moving your steering wheel back and forth and moving the vehicle back and forth.

  • Avoid spinning the wheels by accelerating in second gear for lower rpm and improved traction.

  • If this doesn't get you moving, deflate your tyres slightly to improve surface area and repeat the previous steps.

  • If this doesn't work try placing cardboard in front of the wheels to improve grip, vehicle mats, branches, and other objects can also be used for a similar effect.

  • Maintain your momentum once you've started moving, especially if you're on a hill.

  • Drive slowly at first to remove the mud from your tyres before continuing at a regular pace.

  • If possible, avoid driving in the tracks made by other cars.

  • Once out of the mud, check and look at your vehicle for any signs of damage, leaking brake lines, etc. Re-inflate your tyres if you deflated them.