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BMW B48 Engine (Design, Problems & Reliability)

Updated: Feb 4

✔ This article has been fact checked.

The B48 is a 2L turbocharged inline-4 petrol engine from the BMW B-series modular engines; depending on the version, it generates 154-302 horsepower and 250-450 nm torque.

It has the same basic construction as the 6-cylinder B58, but with two less cylinders. The BMW B48 engine is the replacement for the 2.0L turbo N20 engine.

The B48 is most often found in BMW models with the suffixes 20i, 25i, 28i, and 30i. Some 35i cars from 2019 and later feature a higher power version of the B48. It may also be found in select Minis and in the fifth generation Toyota Supra.

The 2.0L + electric motor version of the B48 is featured in the 2021 Ward's 10 best engines list.

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