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96 Chevy S10 Engine Bogging Down While Braking (Causes & Fixes)

Updated: Jan 13

A 96 Chevy S10 is a timeless classic truck, its generally pretty reliable but many people experience an issue with the engine bogging down while braking.

This issue when the engine bogs down while braking can be caused by a few reasons.

  • Wiring issue with the brake lights.

  • Brake booster may be the issue.

  • Loose alternator or battery wiring.

Brake Light Wiring Issue

Check the grounding wire that connects to the frame rail; it may be shorted to the brake lights. Use a digital multimeter to test the wiring for issues.

Brake Booster

Hit the brakes after removing the brake booster's vacuum hose. If the issue resolves, replace the brake booster (or master cylinder). It could be leaking brake fluid into the hose and drawing it into the engine.

Loose Alternator / Battery Wiring

Sometimes it could be the alternator or battery has loose wiring, braking can cause this to come loose and cut the power to the engine. It could also be caused by too low voltage.