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1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield (A Complete Guide)

Updated: Feb 2

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A 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L's exhaust manifold heat shield plays a crucial role in the overall function of the vehicle's exhaust and cooling system. Its primary function is to protect components in the engine bay from the high temperature emitted from the exhaust manifold.

Jeep Grand Cherokees are prone to cooling issues and the exhaust manifold heat shield is important and helps to contain the heat within the exhaust system.

  • The exhaust manifold heat shield is an essential component in any vehicle, including these Jeeps as they emit high temperatures in the engine bay.

  • While the exhaust manifold heat shield is a durable component, it has issues. Some common problems that may arise include corrosion, cracks, looseness, and rattles.

  • If any of these issues are present, it is essential to replace the heat shield as soon as possible.

In this article, we will delve into the 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust manifold heat shield, covering its purpose, common problems, and the steps involved in replacing it.

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